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Tool set

Since all components for the air sterilizer are "off the shelf" there are no specialized tools needed.

A standard drill is necessary to drill 6 holes in the skirt of the sterilizer.

A pair of sheet metal scissors are needed to cut the length of the 12 Inch round that constitutes the sterilization  chamber. I have a powered sheet metal cutter for that purpose.

A hack saw is needed to cut the 1-3/8" flat bar for the legs and metal rods.

All tools are commonly available and affordable.

drill hand held corded.jpg
sheet metal cutter.jpg
sheet metal scissors.jpg
hack saw hand held.jpg

The tools above are the minimum tool set to make an air sterilizer. I make custom rounds for the sterilization chamber so I have additional tools. All tools are affordable and easily available. Most BOCES programs will have a much more extensive tool set than is needed.

Below is the tool set I am currently using.

guillotine cutter large.jpeg

36" Inch Shear - light duty used for cutting sheet metal.

- Used to make custom rounds. 12 Inch for the current model.

-Used to make collar for 8 Inch Inline duct fan. Connects to top of sterilizer chamber - 12 Inch - 8 Inch Reducer.

sheet metal roller 24 Inch.jpg

24" Inch Sheet metal roller - used to make sterilization chamber

sheet metal roller 12 Inch.webp

12" Inch sheet metal roller used for making 8" Inch collar to secure in-line duct fan to sterilization chamber upper 12" Inch to 8" Inch reducer

edge bead roller.jpg

Edge Bead Roller used for making "bead" {groove} for above collar. { 8" Inch collar to secure in-line duct fan to sterilization chamber upper 12" Inch to 8" Inch reducer}

guillotine cutter small.jpg

Heavy duty guillotine shear. Used for cutting 1-3/8" Inch punched metal flat-bar. Can use a band saw or hacksaw.

Flat Bar Preforated.PNG
drill press.jpg

Drill Press. In the picture to the left you can see a simple wooden jig that insure the proper height when drilling the hole to attach legs.


Table saw: for cutting base wood.


Wooden Base: Currently 5/8 " sub-floor

Cut 4 corners yielding an octagon shape.

The base is wide open with respect to design. There is the possibility of a weak reflection of UV light from the base.

A wide variety of paint colors and other materials can be used to fully absorb the UV light reflection.

Base Wood.PNG
compact metal bender.jpg

Manual metal bender. One tool to bend the legs at 45 degree angles.

Not recommended for repeatable 45 degree bends.

Currently made a special tool using 45 degree hinges.

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